Daily One-Minute Treatment


Creator of All, maker of the turn of each season, the shape of each cloud, the scent of the trees and flowers. Creator, making each of us, shaped and turned towards your purpose for us, and our own purpose for ourselves. Thus, we seek in ourselves cues for the turning, the shaping of our own time and place.

We seek to connect with the Divine, to acknowledge the oneness between self and Creator. We celebrate and make rituals to mark these turnings each natural year, and to mark our private turning points.

We know, as your beloved creations, we were made to find our purposes, celebrate our turnings, and make ritual and beauty of these markers. As the Fall Equinox approaches, let us seek deep, to understand the balancing point, the moment of change, turning inward for wisdom collected this passing season. Let us celebrate the inward change, the gathering of energies and knowledge, the slowing pace of the coming turn.

Let us know the Divine, in all her shapes and forms, as the Creator of all, the knower of all, the great Balancer of human, natural and divine forces in our lives. Let us accept with grace the coming changes, turning these to our best advantage. Through Divine wisdom and grace, let us accept and integrate what comes to us, knowing we share in creating our own future with the Creator.

And So It Is.


Dearest One, we know that you created all that is, and you named it good. We know that there are examples of that good in our lives everywhere we look for them. Your good is manifested in such bounty that it sometimes escapes our human-sized view. I believe this one reason you created pets — small(ish) creatures that need us as we need them. The only jungles they may stride through are backyards, their lairs may be pillows or cat trees, and oh, the destruction they rain on knotted ropes of fuzzy mice! Our love for these creatures shows the best in us, and desire that best to spread and encompass all the smalls in need, and all beings, in fact.

May we always be surrounded by your Love, and may we always reflect that Love onto those near to us, especially our beloved pets who rely on us for nurture, care, and rescue from harm.  May you continue to bless these relationships that offer some of the best examples of unconditional Love we find in our everyday lives.  Let us love our creatures, ourselves, and all your creation with great abandoned joy and earnestness.

And So It Is.


I know God is all powerful and all good, and he/she has the largesse and compassion to give us so many ways to be nurtured and enriched. In turn encouraging us to express our gratitude and joy. Thus enlarging that joy and gratitude so that it may spread wherever it is needed and wherever we have aimed it.

I let this weapon of mass delight free to touch on all who want or need the loving hand on your shoulder, or the sound of George Harrison’s voice, given freely to all who choose to touch or hear.

And So it is.

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