Only Seconds to Change

It only takes seconds…. One of our cats, Smudge, is recovering pretty well after his life-saving surgery on Saturday. He was attacked by a pitbull on Monday morning, right on our front lawn. My son saved him by prying the dog’s jaw open–getting bitten himself in the process. Smudge ran away in terror and only found his way home 5 days later, with a badly infected, smashed and broken left leg. They amputated his whole leg down in Greenville on Saturday. Josh brought him home on Monday morning to his new circumstances.

His entire left leg is gone, the wound stapled shut where his shoulder used to be He’s got one of those awful cones on and has to live (at least for the foreseeable future) in a large cage. No activity until he’s healed some, and never unrestricted.

This vibrant, energetic, athletic and charming cat’s life has been turned upside down because an irresponsible owner let her large dog wander away on a retractable leash that she failed to retract. She left with her dog after almost killing our cat. No name, no info, no apologies.

Smudge has months of pain and rehab ahead of him with no guarantee that he will adapt and be happy again. We are exhausted and stretched thin after the five day search and 3 days of medical intensity. Josh is getting a full rabies series, courtesy of the VA.

We often say that our pets are second only to our children in our hearts. And it’s true. In this case, both my son and my cat were harmed by this person. I am heartbroken and so angry.

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