Crafty, Cookin’ Sunday

I’m taking a short catch-my-breath break.

I’ve been busy making space for my beading supplies, which have been stored away for several years. I’ve got everything arranged, but not yet neatened up — maybe I’ll post a photo when it’s all pretty.

I’m also finishing up a short grocery list so I can get cooking, too. A nice meat sauce is on the menu, as well as starting slow-cooker 3-bean chili (recipe to be posted once I create it☺).

Hope everyone is having the Sunday they wanted, too!

Sunday Again

All right world, say it with me, how does it get to be Sunday afternoon so fast! Work tomorrow, and a zillion things still on my do-to list. I’m working to get ready for a community yard sale next Saturday at the New Visions Marketplace where I have a booth for crafts and used items. My house could stock a dozen sales easily!

I’m also working to shift the energy in the house. Dennis hoarded (as opposed to collected) and there still pockets of his stuff, and stuff that attached itself to his stuff, and stuff that attached itself to that stuff, ad infinitum.

I’m examining my own collecting/hunting-gathering behavior of the last few months and trying to fine tune what I bring into the house and for what purpose. Reselling is fun and at least slightly profitable, so I don’t planning on stopping, just focusing more appropriately so that the house and my life don’t just be backed up all over again.

The rest of the day is an interesting mix: pick up a few things at some ugly box store (a shoe organizer, laundry detergent, trash bags…) and attend a Christian Science Lecture.

Many years back I was a practicing Christian Scientist — even First Reader at my local branch church. It  was an honor to serve in that role. Christian Science is a complex and fascinating religion and spiritual path and I’ll always be grateful for what I learned, but it was too demanding for my life at that time, and I fell away from the practice.  Every year branch churches host lectures from Christian Science Practitioners and Lecturers and they are usually enjoyable and uplifting. I haven’t gone in years and today I am planning to attend — with knitting in hand and an open mind and heart.

I think it will be lovely to revisit this portion of my spiritual past and connect with how these timeless ideas are being framed in this new century.