Artichokes 2021

Back in April 2009, I wrote about making my Nonna’s stuffed artichoke recipe. It is a wonderful dish, but I’ve been feeling too lazy to go through all that, and with artichokes being plentiful and delicious this spring, I’ve gone back to our other favorite recipe: steamed artichokes dipped in melted butter with lemon, garlic, and dash of salt. O, are they heavenly!

I just finished eating two (yes two) gorgeous chokes — done the truly lazy woman way. I merely rinsed them, cut off the stem even to the bottom, and steamed them thoroughly for nearly an hour.  My memory tells me that both Nonna and my mother insisted they be steamed in glass or stainless steel lest they discolor, so I used my big stainless pot that has a steamer basket/pasta lifter thingie.  I did them a little too long, so the smallest one fell apart a bit.  Here’s the lazy part: I didn’t trim the artichoke at all. They were so tender the thorns were nothing, and the purple leaves in the center were tasty. The remainder of the choke pulled out easily with a fork, leaving the sweet and delightful heart to dip in the last of the butter sauce. Heaven on a paper plate….

Artichokes, April 2009


I’m about to make stuffed artichokes like my grandmother did. Take a couple of large, heavy artichokes, trim them and then steam them in an inch of water for about 45 minutes. After they cool enough to touch, dig out the choke and remove any ugly bits on the outside. Make a stuffing of breadcrumbs (Nonna used Progresso Italian Flavored, so that’s what I use), grated cheese, parsley, enough good olive oil to make a crumbly mixture.  Then push small spoonfuls of the breading down amongst the leaves and into the center of the choke.  Sprinkle with a little paprika for color. Then bake covered in the oven (on about 350º) for about 1/2 an hour. Remove covering and continue to bake until the top is slightly browned.

They are awesome!