Delayed, But Successful

Ingredients for Pesto

I found two packages of fresh, organic basil at Earth Fare for way too much money.

On the way home, I got to thinking that perhaps the olive oil was rancid, as well as the pine nuts. The batch of pesto I tossed was really, really bad. So, I tasted the oil when I got in, and sure enough, it was rancid too.  The hot summer certainly took a toll in my kitchen!

Back out I went, this time to the local supermarket, and purchased a very small bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, and larger bottle of Berio classical olive oil (both on sale☺).

Returning once again, I delayed for some dinner — by now it was after 8 pm. Then to work on the pesto. This batch came out very well — not the best I’ve ever made because the basil was a very mild variety, but still very good. 

The finished product

I now have five 4-oz jars, topped with a layer of olive oil, sitting in the freezer, waiting to be given as holiday or thank-you gifts.

Success is just lovely, even when delayed.

F is for Frustration

I’m going out to the expensive whole-foods grocery to get basil.

I had basil — I lovingly tended a second crop — for pesto. Picked, cleaned it, made the pesto. Yuck! I used the wrong jar of pignoli nuts. They were slated to be checked and perhaps thrown out. They should have been.  They were way too old. They imparted a bitter, rancid flavor to all my lovely basil. I threw it all out (pause here for rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth). 

Now I’m heading out to spend my change jar on more basil. I still have plenty of pignoli nuts (in the other jar) as well as garlic, olive oil, and grated cheese.

Not going to stay thwarted for long!