Onion Tears

We have a family recipe book that I started about 30 years ago — with copies given as Christmas gifts that year. I got my Aunt to help me write-up my Nonna’s recipes, and added my mothers’ and my own.

But today I was trying to remember what kind of onions Nonna used to saute for sauce. And I realized there was no one left to ask. It brought my sister’s death to such poignancy it took my breath for a moment. I’m it now. Three generations of women consolidated in one tired, fairly worn-around-the-edges, nearly 66 year old woman.

And I still don’t know what kind of onions she used for sauce.

Going to Mary’s!

I’m getting really excited. I leave for my sister’s in just a few more days.

This is my main annual vacation — a week in New York State at Mary’s house.

I just finished putting together several knitting projects to bring with me. I’ve got audio books on CD for the drive (800 plus miles each way — argh!) and have already started laundry so I’ll have too much to choose from when I pack.

Everything’s right on schedule.

My son Josh and my friend Carolyn have agreed to water the garden. Josh will, naturally, feed the cats. So all the important things at home are handled.

My beloved laptop will go with me, so there should be no blog vacation — just sister time, catching up, antique hunting, good food, more sister time, endless laughter, some tears, some knitting, more laughter, lots of music and stll more conversation [sigh]. 

I just can’t wait!