Shop Talk Time

IMG_1656Here are some photos from my Sunday afternoon at the Downtown Market. I added a few choice pieces (including my favorite new knitted project) and neatened up a bit. IMG_1655

IMG_1661I also shared some lovely conversation with a customer who frequently stops in to browse and buy IMG_1654my vintage glass – especially the Fenton pieces. Our paths hadn’t crossed at the market before, and I enjoyed learning more about older Fenton pieces.

I really hope someone falls in love with my fabulous flamboyant flamenco shawl — someone with good taste and money — it’s a mere $225.00, and frankly, given the many hours of knitting in it, I’ve probably under-priced it. Still, I really I want someone to buy it to love and wear, so I didn’t want to go any higher.

A spring finally nears, I’m starting to plan some warm-weather knits — light and lacy shawls, maybe even a few sleeveless garments. Fit is always a challenge when you’re knitting for a customer-to-be-named-later… so nothing too persnickety.


IMG_1652IMG_1659 IMG_1657

New obsessions


Among the many wonderful contributions technology has made, I count Pandora Radio. Take a moment or two to plug in your favorite bands or singers and writers, and voila, a personalized radio station on the computer/. I’m been listening a lot lately while I learning to quilt.

This is all a result of my annual pilgrimage to Mary’s House, where every surface and wall space if heavy with dolls in handmade dresses, and quilts, doll to miniature size. Exquisite quilts and dolls that range from (imho) strange to heart breaking in their beauty and grace. Her girls are obviously loved (right Marlana?)

For years now Mary has been encouraging me to try quilting.

I’ve held out until now. My knitting horizons have expanded to greatly with lace and the socks I’m working on (my car knitting), but I wanted a new passion to switch off with. I’m a mere beginner, but I have access to expert technical and artistic advise and a love for fabric, color, and patterns,
I see a bed quilt or ten in my future…

Crafty, Cookin’ Sunday

I’m taking a short catch-my-breath break.

I’ve been busy making space for my beading supplies, which have been stored away for several years. I’ve got everything arranged, but not yet neatened up — maybe I’ll post a photo when it’s all pretty.

I’m also finishing up a short grocery list so I can get cooking, too. A nice meat sauce is on the menu, as well as starting slow-cooker 3-bean chili (recipe to be posted once I create it☺).

Hope everyone is having the Sunday they wanted, too!