Next Gen – Feline Edition

After my darling Lady Gray passed last August, it only took three weeks for kitten lust to overwhelm me.

I started browsing cat adoption sites until I found a pair of siblings who seemed perfect for me. So, without even seeing them in person, I applied online to Brother Wolf for the right to adopt Gummy and Smurf.

The next morning I received a call that I was accepted and asked if I could possibly come that day! So, against the advice of my son, I went.

I named them Luke and Leia: my pair of grey/brown tabbies with the most interesting markings. When I opened their travel box, they exploded out and with barely a look around dived under my bed. Where they stayed.

Luke came out after 3 days, suddenly climbing up the side of the bed to rub my hand. Within the hour he was snuggled on my chest, purring madly.

I first set eyes on Leia on day 8, when she followed her brother’s footsteps and joined us on the bed for cuddles. She’s the most affectionate of the two these days, but still a skittish, hide-’til-the-new-thing-goes-away kind of girl.

These lovely kits are now over a year-and-a-half old. My good intentions to keep them as indoor guys failed as soon as last spring lured them out every time I opened the door. Were they faster then me? you bet. So we opened the cat door to them, and I’ve endured the early hunting successes of Luke, and enjoyed the complete lack of success of Leia.

Luke it due a vet visit this week, he’s been licking off his hair for no apparent reason and is quite irritable, which is not his normal temperament. Otherwise they’ve been very healthy and loving, with the normal mix of trouble. I’m besotted, as usual, and enjoying every minute (well, except the squirrel in my bed and the chickadee head….).

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