Shop Talk Time

IMG_1656Here are some photos from my Sunday afternoon at the Downtown Market. I added a few choice pieces (including my favorite new knitted project) and neatened up a bit. IMG_1655

IMG_1661I also shared some lovely conversation with a customer who frequently stops in to browse and buy IMG_1654my vintage glass – especially the Fenton pieces. Our paths hadn’t crossed at the market before, and I enjoyed learning more about older Fenton pieces.

I really hope someone falls in love with my fabulous flamboyant flamenco shawl — someone with good taste and money — it’s a mere $225.00, and frankly, given the many hours of knitting in it, I’ve probably under-priced it. Still, I really I want someone to buy it to love and wear, so I didn’t want to go any higher.

A spring finally nears, I’m starting to plan some warm-weather knits — light and lacy shawls, maybe even a few sleeveless garments. Fit is always a challenge when you’re knitting for a customer-to-be-named-later… so nothing too persnickety.


IMG_1652IMG_1659 IMG_1657


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