The Merchant in Me

I think many of us have an inner small business owner– you know, the voice in your head when you’re shopping that tells you “I could sell that,” “mine looks better,” “I wish I were running this place — I’d do it right!”

IMG_1076My inner business voice wants to turn everything I make or collect into inventory. I collect glass, so now I sell some. I knit, and sell that.I love costume jewelry, so I’m selling that now. I’ve thought of marketing my soups and sauces (I make a great tomato sauce), but the food safety requirements mean a professional kitchen. I sell herbal sachets, beads and buttons I’ve collected, and things made from those items.

It’s fun, and occasionally even profitable. Mostly, I break even or thereabouts, but I enjoy the process too much to stop. IMG_1068

This year I have selling space at the Downtown Market in Asheville — an amazing collective or artists, crafters, collectors, and re-purposers who fill the cavernous space with color and plenty. ]Beautiful, funky, eclectic, arty, frugal, and just plain fun goods are displayed in booths and cabinets. It’s a most wonderful browse with something for everyone. I’ve got mostly glass and knitted items, with a smattering of craft supplies and small craft items.

I’ve been putting items up on E-bay and Etsy too.  I love selling things nearly as much as I love buying things.  Keeping the balance is the tough part. My little house can’t continue to be a giant inventory stash! I’m slowly trying to lessen the density of clutter by selling some of these things, only keep finding new things to add to the mix.

IMG_1087I tell myself all it needs is some organization, but that’s really not enough. There is simply too much stuff! My solution is to sell more, buy less. Knit more, using my existing copious yarn stash. Craft more from existing supplies. And sell, share, or barter as much as I can.


Come in and browse around the shop when you’re in Asheville, and check out my Etsy shop and E-bay items when you’re in the mood.

…And in the meantime, enjoy what’s left of 2013 and be safe, warm, and happy now and next year.

Blessings to all.


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