Cats: The Next Generation

So, a couple of years ago I posted about Lady Grey destroying a skein of yarn (When Loves Collide). She’s still with us, but her two partners in destruction, George and Topaz, have passed on to kitty Elesian Fields…where there are miceys and voles and very slow squirrels, along with endless skeins of yarn and people to trip at will (and of course, a few fish for George).

The next generation of cats is here now: Smudge, a lovely grey mackerel tabby with a white nose accented to with matching smudges of black; and Ellsworth — all black and very sleek with the loudest purr ever. EVER.

Smudge is following in the yarn-napping tradition. Here is exhibit one: his first snarled skein.  He does his spiritual fathers proud.



2 thoughts on “Cats: The Next Generation

  1. My kitty does the same thing! I decided to give him a couple of skeins of yarn that I know I’m never going to use & he loves them. I have them laying near my stash so he feels at home laying on his yarn. LOL

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