Prayers and Remembrances…

Of all the thousands of images I’ve already seen of the devastation in the Northeast from Sandy, this is the image I found most personally poignant. A relic of past summer days of fun and excitement for so many, Seaside Heights Boardwalk was an accessible destination for millions of us in the Northern New Jersey and New York City region. Hordes made their way here every summer weekend.

Dennis’ family had a small summer house a block from the beach in Seaside, just a few miles north from the Boardwalk. When I’d visit, we’d usually head down for a stroll. I loved the ferris wheel — hanging suspended with a miles-wide view of the ocean and beaches… seeing the crowds below and the sky and sea spread out all around.  Then coming back to earth to the noise and smells of cotton candy, popcorn, corn on the cob, ocean and people. The noise of the ocean was always a backdrop — and the gulls punctuated every conversation.

I never “sun bathed” much — I liked to walk along the surf and hunt seashells, but was too antsy to sit for long baking. Dennis, however, could bake for hours with a book and a Pepsi.

Like so much else, this place is now just memories.

My prayers and loving thoughts go to all those hurt by this storm, whether in Seaside, New England, West Virginia, Albany, Oneonta or Hoboken…. these tears and losses will someday, like so much else, be just memories. May All That Is grant us each the power to sustain ourselves, each other, and our battered planet, for as long as we all can remember.

And So It Is.


One thought on “Prayers and Remembrances…

  1. Sandy sure caused a lotta destruction , not just material , but also emotional
    but I believe that what doesn´t kill someone make them stronger
    let´s hope all of those affected by it become stronger enough to move on towards a better future

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