New obsessions

Among the many wonderful contributions technology has made, I count Pandora Radio. Take a moment or two to plug in your favorite bands or singers and writers, and voila, a personalized radio station on the computer/. I’m been listening a lot lately while I learning to quilt.

This is all a result of my annual pilgrimage to Mary’s House, where every surface and wall space if heavy with dolls in handmade dresses, and quilts, doll to miniature size. Exquisite quilts and dolls that range from (imho) strange to heart breaking in their beauty and grace. Her girls are obviously loved (right Marlana?)

For years now Mary has been encouraging me to try quilting.

I’ve held out until now. My knitting horizons have expanded to greatly with lace and the socks I’m working on (my car knitting), but I wanted a new passion to switch off with. I’m a mere beginner, but I have access to expert technical and artistic advise and a love for fabric, color, and patterns,
I see a bed quilt or ten in my future…


One thought on “New obsessions

  1. it’s a long time since I made a quilt (a small one started for my first baby and finished for the second 23 years ago!) I made it with odd bits of fabric from dresses etc so it brings back lots of memories when I see it.

    I love the blues in yours

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