War on Women

Lest anyone still wonder what the point of all this controversy over contraception coverage is really about, just listen to some of Rush Limbaugh’s screeds from this week, now joined by the infamous Bill O’Reilly.

Since the 2010 election, the rabid right has been gearing up toward this goal: attempting to undo the last 100 years of progress for American women. We’ll all be barefoot, pregnant, silent, and dead at forty from bearing too many children.

It all makes me depressed, angry, saddened and discouraged.


2 thoughts on “War on Women

  1. How is contraception a “women’s right” issue? It isn’t a health issue, as pregnancy is not a health issue. It is a life issue. Now, if a lady has hormonal issues, it is now a health issue, and not a reproduction issue, and in these cases, the drug is covered by insurance already.

    The purpose of sex is to have kids, not “for the fun of it”. So, if a person is having sex, they should be open to the idea of childbirth. The pill, which has been found to cause other health issue in a significant way for many women, need not be taken in these cases.

    Why should an employer be required to pay for something they doctrinally don’t agree with, and is NOT a health related issue in 99% of the cases?

    Friar Don, OBR

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