Knitting Up a Storm

I’m going to a knitting group tonight that meets weekly at the my local yard store (in knitting lingo, LYS). We’re starting a project to knit hats (and scarves or mittens) for the local Occupy Asheville folks, who are camping out in front the Federal Building in Asheville — probably one of the coldest and windiest spots in our lovely city.

I love knitting for a cause — it may just be me trying to justify an obsession, er, hobby. But it makes it more special to me: giving the goods away, and at the same time making a statement about my beliefs.

As my mother might have said (if she’d thought of it), Knit up, or shut up.


5 thoughts on “Knitting Up a Storm

  1. I’ve seen so many little kids running around without even hats in the cold… It honestly makes me want to knit up a bunch of hats, and whenever I see someone that looks like they’re freezing thier duff off, hand them one.

    Wear it! You’ll catch a cold!

  2. I know. I dropped off 15 hats the other night for the Occupy Asheville people — for adults and kids. I’m delighted by the idea of driving downtown and seeing someone wearing one of my hats.☺

  3. hi! when i was young, i wanted to learn the craft but for some reasons i forgot all about it.

    you have a noble heart knitting for a cause. 🙂

    bloghopped from EYB.

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