School Days, School Daze.

This week school starts, like it does each late summer, across this vast country and many others: in spite of unrest in parts of Europe, Africa, the MidEast, South East Asia, and Mexico — to mention a few hot-spots. While Nero fiddled and Rome burned, I bet there were kids sharpening their pencils right ’til the last moment.

Office supplies line the shelves of Walmart, Dollar Stores, and office supply warehouses, a bit like the specialized gear to handout to our troops. The trappings for the mission must be just right; the pencil-case Ms. B requires; the 3-ring graph paper Mr. X insists upon. Oh the glories of new school supplies!

I’m buying my books tomorrow.  I have a list and comfy shoes to brave the line. I also have a voucher, which is part that intimidates me a little.  Will it work? or will I be embarrassed, having to scramble around, getting in touch with Job Link, trying to stay cooled out. At least I’ll have some leeway before my first class on Wednesday.

Can you tell I’m excited? I keep hearing the bit from You’ve Got Mail, When Tom Hanks writes to Meg Ryan that he’d like to “buy her a bouquet of sharpened pencils.” Sigh.

A new school year: still full of promise and butterflies in the stomach; the sense of purpose and the dread of boredom or bewilderment. A truly human experience. I can’t wait.


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