Reading Again

I haven’t read this much in years.

Normally I’m an escapist reader — romances, mysteries, some sci-fi and fantasy. But right now I feel like I’m back in school. I like it but it’s also disorienting.

I’m doing the pre-seminar reading for my next coaching course and some of it is very deep:

  • the joy of living, Tibetan Buddhist style;
  • the dynamics of a coaching conversation;
  • the deeper understanding of body language and movement;
  • and Holons (don’t ask — just trust me on that).

All of this information is whirling around my head, reshuffling and forming into new ideas, thought patterns, shifts in behavior, and a sense of possibilities that is fresh and astounding.

New worlds opening, eternal concepts given vigorous, 21st century language and examples. Cool stuff.

The simple discipline of choice — of picking up a book instead of the mouse for a computer game, or choosing a “heavy” book over my latest werewolf romantic suspense novel… these are the repeated acts that create a new future. One chapter at a time.

What are you reading?


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