Closure – finally!

Twenty-five months to the day after his death, Dennis’ estate is finally closed.

He died with $1154 in assets and it cost $1159 to take care of his cremation and probate costs. Two creditors wouldn’t release their claims inspite of a letter from me as administrator letting them know the estate was insolvent. Finally though, probate deemed they since they hadn’t responded in over a year, we could close things up.

The relief is enormous. It’s still spreading gradually through my system and my life. I had no idea that the business of death could be so deeply held inside and have so much connection to the reality and emotion of death.

Nonna used to say something that sounded like “engor” — which meant “enough,” or “finally!”  I agree.


6 thoughts on “Closure – finally!

  1. Hi Laurie, I’m so glad it’s officially over for you. Love Chunks’ mother died in November 2008 and it was only finalised a month ago – she had five children (four living – LC’s other brother committed suicide in 1988) and left behind a will that virtually guaranteed that LC will never be able to escape the responsibility of the rest of his family who seem to resent him when he helps and hate him when he doesn’t. I’ve give anything for him to have some relief from it all…..

    • It’s all been a real lesson to me that it’s so important to be thoughtful and loving in planning for our own deaths. A will — a good one — can make it all much simpler. Nothing, however, can make people simpler. Sometimes they just insist on creating strife in our lives. Death and estates, the tiny ones and the huge, cause so much trouble and pain. There’s just got to be a better way. Good luck. everyone who commented, with unraveling and putting to peace the ones you’re struggling with. Namaste!

  2. How I wish for the moment when “enough” and “finished” happens with ours. Which of course makes me all the more happy for you. Enjoy the relief.

  3. You know what’s odd? That even though I never knew her, I can almost hear what she would sound like, saying “engor.”

  4. We’ve been executors for all our parents’ estates, so I can really identify with that feeling of relief that it’s finally all over. Not that grieving is that easy to turn off, by any means. But having this behind you will be a big help emotionally.

    I found you on ExposeYourBlog.

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