Distractions and Comforts

I’ve mentioned my recent “addiction” to Farmville and now Frontierville on Facebook.

While I’ve always been able to lose myself in solitaire-type computer games, the accumulating and building games never attracted me. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

I spend a lot of time of on the computer, working, playing, distracting myself from a variety of difficult issues, and providing comfort to myself in times of pain (physical and otherwise). So I was used to using the computer in those ways.

But there is a strange and mesmerizing state I attain playing these two simple games. I finally identified it as an old old friend. It’s like playing dolls, or playing house.

My sister and I played dolls, played house, store, bank, dolls, school, dolls, cowboys and indians, dolls, cops and robbers, dolls, and more dolls. We were creative and clever, and we escaped completely from the mundane world.

Sitting in front of the computer, arranging my fields, harvesting my apples and fields of flowers or colorful produce, fending off rather tame bears and foxes, I can recapture that much desired escape.

For those minutes or hours, I am a little girl again, playing away the blues or the mean reds, safe and sound, building my little farm or village. Still believing the future will be molded as easily and as much to my own tastes.

A powerful lure, indeed. If I can only get it all arranged ‘just so” everything will be all right.

Who knows, maybe I’m right.

See you around the farm, pardner.


5 thoughts on “Distractions and Comforts

  1. You are the first person to explain the enticement of the games on Facebook, which I still don’t use much, even though I have an account, and why the games work for you… Thanks.

    I’m starting to get it, even though I probably won’t get caught up in it… I do wish I had invested in Facebook when they were first forming, maybe I’d be making some money off them soon, although I don’t think they have a solid revenue stream yet?

  2. need a neighbor? hahahaha
    I.m a frontierville tragic too lol, guess i want my childhood back too,and funnily enough,started playing after ppl from childhood started dropping off the perch

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