After succumbing to the lure of Facebook–and reconnecting with old friends who live far off –I took it one step further and fell to the enticement of games.

I happily play Wordscraper with my stepmom in Florida. This makes sense — it’s fun, stimulating and allows us to share something even though our lives and daily duties means we’re playing at opposite ends of the day.

But then, for reasons unknown to the logical mind, I responded to a link from somebody I know (can’t recall who) and tried Farmville.

The simple and sad truth is — I’m hooked.  This silly little, pointless, frivolous, useless game! It’s just a lot of fun. I plant things. They grow and look pretty. I harvest them and get money. People send me gifts, I send them gifts. My points get higher…. etc. 

So if you’ re wondering where I am, why I haven’t posted, and what the heck happened… come over to Farmville and visit. Maybe you can buy a bunny.


4 thoughts on “Farmville

  1. The games on Facebook are just another reason I just don’t get Facebook. They just seem to be a total waste of time and bandwidth! Just not impressed with the whole thing…..

    • Yes, I’m hoping it will be just a passing obsession for me…. I have really enjoyed re-connected with some far away friends, though. That’s a pleasure and has been well worthwhile.

    • lol. I’ve gotten the Frontierville bug too. I’m spending way too much time and energy. I’ll figure out what the attraction is, though, one of these days.

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