Wake Me in October

My Father, undated

September is a really tough month for me.

The 7th was my husband Dennis’s birthday (he would have been turning 58).

My father’s birthday was the 13th. My Nonna’s the 16th, and my cousin Lisa’s was the 19th.  All gone. 

On top of that, the anniversary of my father’s death is the 18th, and it will be two years on the 20th since Dennis died.

Yikes! No wonder I just want to take a long nap.

Dennis, about 2006


6 thoughts on “Wake Me in October

    • We could have a slumber party, tell awful stories about Daddy and the late husbands and laugh with relief that they’re gone. Then tell wonderful stories about them and cry that they’re gone — It’s what we’ll both do anyway…. it’ the family tradition. Don’t we know!

  1. Our past relationships made us who we are today and better people. You were blessed to have so many people who truly cared for you and shared kindness and love. I understand the pain of loss. Feeling grief particularly now myself. Our culture seems to consider grief a great unmentionable. October will soon be here an the joyful colors of autumns change will help. I know it inspires me….
    blessings an best regards

  2. I often read your posts but haven’t been moved to leave a comment before – at least that I remember. My mind seems to have a mind of its own from time to time.

    I was touched by your post this morning. It easy to say loss is a part of life – hard to endure it. Best wishes to you for refreshment and joy.

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