My Second Lavender Festival

Sunday, after two days of tending a yard sale in 90+ degree heat, I headed up to Burnsville with my friend Carolyn, for the Mountain Farm Annual Lavender Festival.

The sun was shining, the hills were alive with lavender, butterflies and bees.

We walked the lavender labyrinth, bought lavender herb mixes, and drank lavender lemonade. Across the road and up the hill is Blueberry Cottage, where was great local music, a delicious lunch and several craft and local farm vendors.

I purchased wool/angora blend yarn in lovely purples (what else?) while Carolyn received a 10-minute massage.

Then we picked lavender and headed back down the hill towards the cars. I waited by the lone chair in the driveway while Carolyn trekked the final hills to the parking lot. Here’s my traditional Festival tote from the 2010 event — I’m declaring that twice is enough for a new tradition. All in all we had a mellow and relaxed day — just a lovely  time.

Here’s the picnic sight in the late lunch hour, with just a few folks enjoying their meal and the surroundings.

Finally, some additional photos to enjoy. I hope your weekend last week, and this upcoming one were as happy and beautiful as mine.

Part of the Labyrinth

My Festival Goodies


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