Quick Post about a Quick Meal

I’ve written about arancini, or Italian rice balls, before.  The way Nonna made them was a big production — they were things of beauty, perfectly round and evenly browned. They were also only made on rare occasions for those very reasons.  Works of art and love. 

I made a quick, down and dirty version from leftover yellow rice — yes, the bagged stuff with the seasonings already in, just add to boiling water and 20 minutes later, tasty, saffron infused bright yellow rice. I love it with chili (that recipe another day). But I made way more than I needed.

Yesterday I took about two cups of the chilled leftover rice, mixed an egg, some herbs, and a handful of grated cheese in; formed small (1-1/2 inch balls);  rolled them in breadcrumbs, and browned them in olive oil.  Yum!

They were small, lopsided, irregularly browned, and had no “surprise” filling. They were also quick, delicious and easy to make.

Voilá, a new favorite: yellow-rice arancini!


2 thoughts on “Quick Post about a Quick Meal

  1. I’ll have to try your rice balls, they sound yummy. We just came back from a week in Baltimore where we babysat our two grand kids while the parents attended a conference. We took the toddlers (3 and 1 and ½) to Little Italy, via their stroller. There were so many little restaurants and you could see that Italians live there, not like in New York Little Italy. There was an Italian bakery called Vacarro’s which had cookies, cakes and gelati to die for. I bought some “amaretti” cookies and they are so delicious. I am catching up on all my blog readings so my current post will have to last another few days.

    • Sounds like a great visit! I used to love New York’s Little Italy when I was a kid; it’s where my grandmother grew up, but it was getting way too tourist-y by the time I left the NY area 14 years ago.

      My personal favorite Italian cookie is home-made biscotti… yum. I’ll have to dig out the recipe to post.


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