Coming Back to Flower

I spent some time in the backyard today, just sitting and enjoying the mild spring air.

I even managed to distract myself from the ton of yard work that needs doing. Why is there always more work to do than time to enjoy? 

I made a resolution to balance more effectively between the two. I’m going to limit my personal to-do list to three items a day.

It occurred to me that I overwhelm myself unnecessarily — long complex to-do lists that never get done only make stress and self-criticism. If I make a 3-item list, there’s a much better shot at getting it done, and then enjoying the satisfaction of  crossing things off said list.

It leaves time to smell — and photograph the flowers


2 thoughts on “Coming Back to Flower

  1. Yes, Its the man itself, that is responsible for stress and depression. We should decide after knowing facts and figures about the To-do work.
    Good idea! to do the work you can, easily!

    Go 2 Sms

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