OMG! 8 Inches!!

There’s a big fish under my kitchen table.

While I was eating supper George came through with loud cries of triumph….

Eight inches and flopping!

I have nothing more to say on the subject


5 thoughts on “OMG! 8 Inches!!

    • Amazing isn’t it? I too have gotten all those other critters, both dead and alive — snakes are the worst! But the fish still blow me away.

      Thank for writing.

  1. Well Laur, seems as if the shine is off this fish thing for you. Sorry, it is still hilarious to me, not being the one who has to deal with fishy last rites and remains. I still sense cosmic humor here, lol.

    • Don’t worry — speechless is not the same as un-amused! The last couple of nights George has come in all wet but fishless — maybe he’s caught all the stupid and slow ones☺

      Love you!

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