Inundated with Cats

Gorgeous George

As many of my regular readers know, I have three cats.

All complete individuals with diverse personalities.

Little Miss and George usually get along fine. George and Topaz usually get along fine.  Little Miss and Topaz — not so much.

Over the weekend I was under the weather and inundated with cats.  All three planted themselves on different parts of my bed and stayed.

Beauteous Little Miss

This has never happened — all three at once.  For a minute, I thought it meant I had something fatal! 

This morning they are back to normal: Topaz and Little Miss circling each other warily, George happily oblivious to the undercurrents. All eager to be fed.

I must be feeling better.

Elusive Topaz


5 thoughts on “Inundated with Cats

  1. My last cat wasn’t very affectionate, but she always seemed to be gentle and more caring (sleeping at the bottom of the bed) when I was sick. Maybe they can sense it. My current cat can’t take the hint when I’m sick though and will still want to play or walk on me

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