A Wintry Mix

Penne Rigati

Just a quick post today. 

The plumber and his assistants are working under the house, replacing the water heater.  

The snow is spitting down, not enough to stop things, just slow them down and make it messy out there.  

I’m happily wasting time here while waiting for the plumber to finish before I head off to work 

I got a gift a couple of months ago of a special bag of pasta (pictured here). It’s “Fusco Pasta” made in Italy! My family’s name, of course, is Fusco. 

Carlos Fusco, Pasta Maker


Way back in the fifties, my father owned a company that imported Fusco Olive Oil. The story is that the groves burned down, and we lost the company. Now there’s a pasta bearing the family name. 

How fitting and fun.  I wonder if Carlos Fusco is a relative?  Either way, I just bet it’s delicious pasta!


2 thoughts on “A Wintry Mix

  1. Mary DiFusco is the name of a great friend mine from work and from my town.

    Possibly related back in Italy. Her father was a shoemaker with a shoe repair service in Conshohocken, PA., USA

    michael j

  2. Hi Laur,
    This is really cool! I am going to look for some for my “collection” of Fusco’s things.

    We got at least 2 feet of snow and 2 snow days!

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