Moi, The Shopkeeper

One side of my personality is a merchant to the core. I grew up in the restaurant business, was self-employed for over seventeen years, and always seem to have a “thing” on the side.

My current gig is a sales booth at a local resale mall called New Visions Marketplace.  I have a 10’x10′ booth that I share with my friend Deb. We’ve just been refurbishing the space, having moved up from a booth in back where appearances didn’t matter as much.

Here are photos of some of the progress we’ve made this past week.  We have one more new shelf unit that is going to replace the small metal stands and provide more space for displaying the vintage glass we’ve collected all summer.

It’s a lot of fun, even though minimally profitable up to now.

Here are some of the vintage linens I’ve just added. Some of these were embroidered by the amazing Mary (that’s you, big sister).

The linens each have their own character, some very polished, some nearly primitive. Each maker was sharing a piece of her story with her stitchery. I love handling them and folding them, smoothing the surface, feeling the stitches.

Just a shopkeeper at heart, I guess.


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