Overflowing Goodness

Ace of Cups

I usually read from the Osho Zen Tarot, as regular readers know, but one of my all-time favorite cards is this version of the Ace of Cups, from the Morgan-Greer deck.

To me, it best captures the overflowing goodness I associate with this card. Grace, compassion, love and plenty — “my cup runneth over…” as the Psalm puts it.

I had one of those glorious moments a little while ago; one in which the sheer goodness and beauty of the universe captured my attention — sweeping away the cares of the day, the aches of the body, the fears of the future. What a perfect gift! Even a moment of such knowing is a blessing.

One of the traditional meanings of the Ace of Cups is “Being receptive to Divine Love, and thus being able to pass love on to others.” 

So, pay attention here! Grace is ever-present, overflowing and completely free … now pass it on!

Have a blessed evening, all.


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