Patience…Now Please!

It’s a snowy day in North Carolina. Our second big storm of the winter, which is two more than usual.


I’m stymied by the weather. I had plans to re-arrange the sales space at New Visions Marketplace. 

I’m moving my things to a spot near the front door — more visibility, more eye-appeal, leading, it is hoped, to more sales. 

But instead, I’m at home: puttering around, making soup, impatiently crossing from window to window looking for that mythic door into summer. 

I need a good dose of patience, and I need it right away! 

Oh ironies of ironies!  I went to seek the commentary on the card at left, only to be stymied yet again. 

The Osho site is down temporarily. 

I know there’s a cosmic lesson in here somewhere. But right now I think I just better go stir my soup. 

Hope everyone out there is safe and warm.  Blessings!


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