Resuming Ordinary Life

I had a great outing today. It’s the first spontaneous fun-day I’ve shared with Carolyn (one of my two best buddies)  since I starting having health problems back in November.

We started out to just see a movie, but the lines were too long…. So we detoured to a bookstore…. Then on to an Italian bistro with antipasto, wine, tiramisu and espresso….  And, finally, the early evening show of the movie. 

So here I am, home again.

Even though we only had to walk about two blocks, I’m ready for bed! It was a lot of fun, though, just getting to browse and laugh (and cry a little).

Removing yourself from ordinary day-to-day pleasures and routines can be such a gift. I’ve treasured the time I had recovering from surgery — the lessons about letting go of expectations, accepting limitation and allowing others to help me. But my favorite lesson was remembering to cherish the satisfactions of everyday life.

Getting up for work and moving without pain. Seeing colleagues and having them welcome me back joyfully.

Finding I still love what I do for a living. Feeling strength flow back a day at a time. Chatting in the hallway at the office.  Being welcomed home by the cat running to the back door.

Going to the grocery store! That was one of the highlights of the week.

Today, I felt almost dizzy from the wealth of books and magazines, games and puzzles at the Barnes & Noble. I bought my annual calendars (at half price ☺) for the office and for home, two small jigsaw puzzles and a paperback. Such extravagance on top of eating out and a movie; however, today felt like a true celebration.

To Life! To friends! To books! To learning! And to prosciutto and tiramisu!

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