Fiber Festival Rocks!

spinning wheelsI spent yesterday afternoon at the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair — an annual event held at the “Ag Center” near Asheville Airport. Two floors of fiber and fleece, with spinning wheels, accessories, angora rabbits, and hundreds of maniacal fiber fans — just like me!  It was wonderful

Last year I came home with bags of dyed rovings for needle felting, but this year I am back to primarily cruising for yarn… and then more yarn. I was pretty moderate in my first foray yesterday, but when I make a return visit today (and maybe Sunday too) I’ll have a plan in mind for some of that gorgeous yarn and then I’ll bring it home to join the multitudes already stashed.

Knitters and their stashes are a well-known joke in crafting circles. “She who dies with the most yarn wins” is the ruling principle. There’s nothing more luscious than baskets filled with skeins and balls or yarn. From glitter and eyelash to lace-weight merino, to bulking woolen and kettle-dyed sock yarns — it’s all gorgeous! 

layout2_r1_c2There were interesting trends at the show this year. First, it has grown significantly over the years, with the llama, sheep, goats and alpacas spread out through several barns and the overflow of venders, along with the fleece show and sale, in a second sales building. The main arena is packed with vendors and class areas — spinning and felting are popular classes along with a plethora of knitting technique sessions. The array of classes from beginner sessions to master seminars on a single technique is impressive. Many were already marked “full” on Friday afternoon… but many are still available.

Admission for adults is only $3. Parking is ample. Wear comfy shoes!  It’s a feast for the senses and a revelation about the importance of fiber animals in our agricultural and cultural arenas.


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