A Weird Theft

Very weird. The other night I left my car unlocked (totally my bad). When my son got home late that night he reported that the trunk and passenger doors were open.

Missing: a cardboard box full of literature for handing out at public awareness events for my job; half a case of bottled water; cleaning supplies, and the tote bag I keep price tag and labels, scissors, safety pins, small nails and tape, etc., for tagging items at the re-sale booth.

That’s all. 

Left behind: a car full of flea market finds, including a couple of used coach and fossil handbags, vintage  glassware and at least three small items of jewelry, bunches of CDs, a charging device for my phone,  and a collection of miscellany.

Dumb thieves? Interrupted thieves? Unlucky thieves? You pick.

Regardless, getting robbed sucks.

It is somewhat comforting that I had lent my new GPS unit to my son, so it returned safely to me and the thieves are no doubt still wandering in the wilderness, unable to “turn right in 150 feet.”


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