I’ve been feeling that way the past few days. Too many things going on, too many balls in the air at once. It’s time to slow down a little and breathe… Just breathe.

…ah, that’s better.

Seriously though, I am struggling with finding and keeping my centered, calm, wise-self in charge right now. I’ve got a lot of chaos in my head and can’t seem to find the quiet time to figure out that’s up.

Last night, I took the time to drive to a beautiful spot called Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smokies. I watched the majestic and amazing elk as they grazed at sunset. then I drove back up out of the valley and home to Asheville. 

Elk at Cataloochee

Elk at Cataloochee

It was a great first step to reclaiming my peace. I didn’t take pictures this visit but I’ll dig out one I took in the past to post.

The elk were reintroduced to the park a few years ago and they have thrived. A huge bull was very full of himself last night — bellowing and running at another younger bull (who wisely backed off). 

Maybe I’ve just been too full of self-ness — trying to do, trying to stay in charge, trying too hard.

Some good food for thought.


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