This has to stop…

minnow2A friend dropped by to visit a little while ago.

She said, “I know this sounds strange, but do know you have a fish on the kitchen floor?”

This one was little smaller than last night’s — a little less than four inches long.

Where is the crazy cat getting them from?  

I mean, yes, there is a small stream across the street, but it has never had fish in it

…until now apparently.


8 thoughts on “This has to stop…

  1. OK Laurie, I have laughed and cried, enjoyed and sympathized with you through your blog but was content to do so silently until now…the fish is TOO MUCH, lol. Dennis is laughing hysterically at you from the great beyond…as I am from here. LOVE! MK

    • Me too! The best I can figure is with all the heavy rain we’ve been having some unfortunate river minnows made their way up the little neighborhood stream and settled in a deep spot (which would be maybe 6 inches…lol). George, never one to miss an opportunity, grabbed the fishies and ran!

      Thanks for reading.

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