First Love….[sigh]

funny pictures of cats with captions

The little fuzzy guy in the picture made me think of an old boyfriend with laughing affection. 

Back in the early days of high school, I was a zealous journal-keeper. I wrote in every spare moment — which, I confess, included most of my classes. My dreams and fears and every moment of my first relationships were recorded in painful detail.

Roy, then the new object of my affections, was very set on seeing the journal. I was afraid of how revealing my writings were and resisted sharing them for weeks.

But Roy was determined, and finally I caved in. I gave him the notebooks (there were a handful by then) and waited, biting my fingers, afraid of his judgment. Then, wondrously, he returned them with copious notes and comments — all insightful, loving, and gently humorous.

So, 40 years later, when I think of the heart-pounding anxiety of self-revelation, I do so with a smile of thanks for a sensitive young man who respected my feelings and thought, and resisted the easy, glib or careless responses that would have wounded so deeply.

Roy — in spite of the crash-and-burn breakup a few months later — helped shape my belief that men could be thoughtful and loving, and could, indeed, be trusted.



3 thoughts on “First Love….[sigh]

  1. [Sigh]

    Two things I wish to say here.

    1. I always love to keep a note of everything that happens in my real life. Nowadays I also keep note of whatever happens in our relationship. Click on my name to get to that blog of us. I think this is perfect way to keep things alive for a long, long time. Although we have difference. You used to keep journal on a notebook while I am keeping a journal on the World Wide Web. 🙂

    2. I really love writing in English so that anyone from around the world can realize what I’m writing and post their comments. But unfortunately, I’m not a native English speaker. So, although I have strong desire, I can’t write English fluently. Well, I’m pretty good in Bangla which is my mother tongue. But I feel better to write in English.

    [Is there any scope to seek help from you in improving my English? It seemed to me that you’re a very good English writer as you have continued practicing English writing which have most probably made your writing skill outstanding.]

    Will come back if any reply is posted.

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