Trying to Trust

zen030TrustThe card for today is called “Trust.”  Can’t you just feel the bottomless sensation?

Falling, twisting, letting go, sailing, floating… safe.  At least I hope so.

Sometimes it’s harder than I like to “lean on the sustaining infinite” (quoting Mary Baker Eddy in Science & Health), even though I think I know it will be there, supporting and upholding me.

September is a challenge:  from Dennis’ birthday on the 7th, through the 1st anniversary of his death on the 20th. In between are 9/11, then my father’s, cousin’s and my grandmother’s birthdays (all are gone), followed by my father’s death anniversary, then 2 days later the wrap-up of my first year as a widow. 

Yuck! Too much death to celebrate in one month.  Which leads, in a backways way, to me knowing, without doubt, without equivocation, that I must just lay back and trust Spirit, because I certainly can’t move through it all on my own steam.

So I take deep breaths, sit with the losses, let the peace rise up like an warming up-draft from the deep valleys of God’s love. So I float, gentle as thistledown, to a soft landing in the now. Safe, beloved, and at peace again.

And so it is.


3 thoughts on “Trying to Trust

  1. I love what you are writing about trust. Yes, when it all comes down all we can do is let it all go–because we already have and don’t know it–and just trust.

    I would love to subscribe to you but I cannot find the subscribe button on your site–can you help?

    • Hi possibilitythinking! Thanks for your comment. I have added a RSS feed subscription link on the front page of the blog. Please let me know if you have any problems with it. And thanks for your interest.


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