Tarot as a Wisdom Tool

zen013NewVisionTo me tarot cards have always been a source of wisdom and inspiration. Sometimes I “get” stuff in a non-intellectual way from working with a particular group of cards.

They are beautiful — no small consideration to me.  If a deck is not inticing visually, I usually can’t work it well.

I just came across a website featuring my favorite tarot deck, the Osho Zen Tarot.  The card at left is called  “New Vision” and it speaks to me so strongly of my life right now. On the verge of new things, new undertakings. These will rise up out of the old, as I clear away more detritus from the past and open my eyes to the future’s beckonings.

I get that soaring sensation around my heart and feel the waves of energy rolling up inside my body as I contemplate this compact piece of art and guidance. 

If Tarot is one of your tools, or if you would like it to be, check out the Osho website. There’s some other interesting stuff there too, but the Osho Zen Tarot pages are great — you can select a card or layout and read the “meanings” ascribed to them by Osho — thoughtful, profound and deeply spiritual.  Or you can just look at the lovely art and let your spirit tell you what it is you might need to know.

Have a great day!


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