My Old CD Re-animated

cd cover shot2 - for linkIn 2003, I was very active in my Science of Mind church. One of my roles was to provide a “Spiritual Mind Treatment” every Sunday morning for the congregation. This was spontaneous healing prayer in the tradition of new thought, Science of Mind, Christian Science and other metaphysical schools.

Many of my friends and fellow attendees wanted copies of these prayers to hear again. And so And So It Is… was born. This CD is a collection of spoken prayer or treatment. I’ve gussied up the old webpage I had for ordering the CD — much improved thanks to PayPal — and added a page to this blog called “And So It Is…” for those you might be interested in more information.

Spiritual Mind Treatment has long been an effective way of praying for me, and I’m happy to share what I can with others. 

It seems to me that in such challenging times, we need all the tools we can muster to keep despair, depression, and the dark of fear away. For me, these techniques have proved reliable and potent. I hope they help anyone who seeks them.

And So it Is!


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