A Cash Crop

A Money Laundering Bank ☺

My Money Laundering Bank (lol)

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks money-wise: my vacation, a major tune-up, home maintenance needs, and too much eating out.

But fortunely, it’s harvest time. So I harvested my coin banks.  I packed away about two dozen banks (shelved in my newly cleaned storage shed), after emptying them all.

I netted over $200 — plenty to see me through to next payday without dipping into my emergency savings. I shouldn’t need to hit that account for every day matters, but I don’t always manage to follow my own advice. 

I tend to be a pretty chronic overspender (in spite of my day job), so it felt good to meet my own need through my own savings.

I needed this little squeeze to realize that it’s time once again to rein in my spending.  Summer is usually my wild time financially, but this year I’m stopping before I mess up.  Ahh, progress.

Isn’t life great?


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