Training Time

I’m in the middle of a fabulous 2-day training on facilitating a strategic planning model called the Theory of Change.

So far it’s been fascinating. I’m excited at the prospect of bringing this knowledge back to my agency to use in our internal planning. There may even be opportunities to offer my newly learned skills to other organizations involved in similar projects.

Theory of Change starts with establishing the final desired outcome — in other words, it starts with Intention — and then digs down and down to identify and map out the all the “necessary and sufficient” preconditions that must be in place to achieve the final desired outcome.

While it shares a lot with traditional logic models and other planning tools, some how it turns these on their heads — or inside out — and encourages a perspective that is a structured, but creative, kind of thinking.

Maybe Theory of Change is the sonnet of planning — infinite variety in a tightly constructed format.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions and to exploring different ways to use this tool.

Learning new stuff is so great!


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