Back Home

Well, it was a wonderful week. I arrived home a couple of hours ago, tired to the bone, but relaxed and contented.

It occurs to me to mention what a great little car I have — a 2005 Scion Xa — which zipped through the 1500 miles round trip like it was nothing. I’m grateful to have such a reliable and enjoyable little car. It’s one of those magic vehicles — like the clown cars — I just kept packing more and more stuff into the back and it all just kept fitting…

I never come back from Mary’s with less than I went with. This year I brought back all kinds of collectible glass and vintage linens, along with old pictures, some quilt tops, several floor lamps, a clutch of large baskets, some vintage metal display shelves and more.

We have a wonderful time hitting antique stores. I’m renting a space in a resale store these days, so I was hunting up bargains for the shop. I’m learning about vintage glass, and now can pick out several manufacturers’ pretty reliably. I didn’t spend a lot of money, but I did find some fun pieces.

Since Mary was cleaning out her basement, I got the benefit of that effort too. Some great hand-blown glasses from the ’40s were my favorite basement find.

Now that I’m home, my next task is finding the space to store it all!

All three cats were happy to see me, with only a little pouting. My son didn’t even bother with the pouting (thanks, Josh, for the quick unloading help, too). 

The late afternoon is fading toward evening. From my window I can see only green with deep shadows and bright sun-tipped leaves. The  birds are settling down. Faint traffic sounds, the occasional bark of a neighbor’s dog: all the sounds of home on a Sunday summer eve.

In a few minutes, I’ll rouse myself to make supper, feed the cats, and start some laundry.

It’s good to be back home.


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