Garden Bargains

"dead rack" specials

"dead rack" specials

I needed to fill in a couple of bare spots in my container gardens, so I headed out after lunch to hunt-and-gather. I just love getting what I want!

I raided the “[near] dead-plant rack” at the local garden store this afternoon. Most were  a dollar or less, and I think they can all be saved easily. Just some trimming, dead-heading, good soil, and a little TLC. They should bloom for me all summer.  I remembered to grab the camera for a couple of “before” shots.

I’m taking a break to cool off a little, wait for a shower to pass and post this quickie. I just l-o-v-e  a good bargain.

Here’s a bonus shot of the beauteous and cantankerous southern belle, Little Miss, looking annoyed by the boom of low-flying fighter jets. Thank goodness these are not an everyday occurrence.


an annoyed Little Miss

Oops, my break just got longer. The rain is suddenly heavy. I don’t think it’s going to last very long. Alas, I guess I’m doomed to sip my lemonade and browse the ‘net for a little while before I return to the garden.

Isn’t life great?


4 thoughts on “Garden Bargains

    • She is the ruler of all she surveys! But her plume of a tail was madly swishing as the jets roared overhead. Since she also expresses her displeasure with her claws, I kept my distance and enjoyed her beauty through the lens.☺

  1. This isn’t so much a comment as a compliment. Looking at the pictures of your garden makes me envious. We are currently stuck in a condo with no yard of our own while we finish school. Needless to say we long for the days when we have a yard, a garden and maybe a cat of our own again. 🙂

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