Rockin’ in the Kitchen (& Garden)

I am really rockin’ it today.

I’ve been on a doing binge — I went to the farmer’s market this morning and picked up some ravishing Swiss chard, baby beets, tomatoes, extra basil (pesto is calling me), little carrots, some Tuscan kale, and several bunches of flowers. Such luxury!

Then I caught up the dishes, which is a never ending battle for me. Small sink, big cooking (that says it all).  Finally, in and among the chores I’ve been weeding, cleaning up bits of trash, and getting set up for the next planting session.

Said planting is scheduled for right after I finish cooling off a little and posting this entry as my reward for all the hard work — and on a holiday, too. I may even take a few pictures to post later.

I hear the plants shouting my name. . . ciao!


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