Not Afraid of the Woo-Woo Factor

Divine_Orange_Mandala_icon Well, maybe a little afraid. I’m unusually intuitive and often know things without any concrete way of knowing those things. Does that make me a practitioner of “woo-woo”? A beloved friend, himself a Science of Mind Minister coined the phrase in our circles, and I’ve heard it so often since that it must resonate for many.

You know — the woo-woo is the edge just past your own particular comfort zone.  I read tarot cards, maybe a 3 or 4 on the woo-woo scale. Ouija boards — clearly a 5 or 6. Shamanic energy healing?  Way down there — hardly woo-woo at all to me.  Ditto spiritual mind treatment. But channeling non-corporeal alien lifeforms — for me that’s a clear 9 or 10. Making toothpicks dance above the tablecloth at a local coffee shop after drinking only coffee — definitely an 11+ (totally creepy to see)!


tools of the woo-woo trade

My point, if any, is that woo-woo really is in the eyes of the beholder, or perceiver or channeler. My comfort with my intuitive skills interpreting Tarot face cards and weaving a word picture from those intuitions seems natural to me, while it might give you chills as I hit the nail on the head about parts of your life.

When I get up from the table at my energy healer’s, and I feel more whole and integrated, with some bothersome physical symptom lessened —  and I’m glowing with vitality — that’s not woo-woo, that’s common sense to go back.

So I’m not afraid of woo-woo. I am afraid of being accused of practicing woo-woo. No, that’s not it either. I’m afraid of being accused of not practicing woo-woo well enough.  So go ahead and call me crazy, just be sure to mention that I’m really, really good at it.


4 thoughts on “Not Afraid of the Woo-Woo Factor

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