zen circleI’m fascinated by this whole twitter poetry thing (I guess the proper blog terminology would be “meme” or “trope”). Scotty at Earth-House-Hold explained today how he constructs a twit-aiku in this post.  It’s a different process than I use. When I learned in high school to write (or attempt) haiku, I started out with a thought fragment, wrote the basic three lines, then went  back and edited for the proper length. I find myself approaching twitter-ku or twit-aiku in the same manner.

Thus far — with my grand total of 4 twitter poems to my oeuvre — I’ve more frequently had to add words to reach the character count than pare down. I also look at the time sense, trying to keep the images in the present. I don’t want moon, june, loon rhymes either!

I’m delighted that people seem to like the twitter-kus I’ve posted: it has stirred the old poetry-writing juices and next thing you know I’ll be turning out sonnets and odes!


5 thoughts on “Deconstruction

  1. fear not, they’re still teachgin haiku in american schools (ive done at least two lessons a year for the past fifteen years). somehting of related inetrst… i haven;’t followed up on the idea of late, but i recall reading a paper by jack kerouac (i think) in which he explained his haiku as being an american derivation of the form, free of the need for focus on a single (seaon or nature based) moment… it occurs to me that as i peruse twitter and other places that this is more in line with what most are generating… your haiku on the other hand do a very nice job evoling that singular moment in time. keep it up 🙂

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