Twitter-ku #5

Mowing knee deep in meadow green / clouds of gnats spiraling away, keen / to escape the motor’s whir / the house wren springs up from the cedar tree, startled wings a blur.

Yesterday evening I mowed part of the lawn, for the first time in over a year. Obviously, others have mowed for me since last summer, but various ills had prevented me from hauling out the mower myself.

I enjoyed the bit I mowed — the grass was overlong and so it was an effort, and I paid for it today with a badly aching shoulder. But there’s a beauty in carving some order out of the wild tangle of grass and weeds. Now I have a space to set my lawn chair, sip a cold drink and gaze at the garden.

By next weekend, it will be ready to be mowed again…and again…. all summer long. The thrill will be gone, but the muscles may continue to profit from it!


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