Getting my Chores Done (or Not…)

As an energetic and happy child, I hated doing chores. Even now, at 56, I procrastinate in the face of dishes, dusting, folding laundry, vacuuming, sweeping, toilet cleaning, stove top scrubbing, raking, weeding, straightening, filing — I dislike them all.

So what’s a girl to do?  I’ve tried lots of plans and programs, new starts, motivations secrets, inner techniques, outer techniques, inner and outer child work….

My newest idea: stop agonizing.  The theory is that the less energy I expend around resisting, the less power that resistance will hold. I can just allow the process to unfold. What that may mean, in plainer language, is that the house will simply stay a mess: with dishes piled up, dust elephants congregating in the corners, and weeds as tall as the house, but I’ll be at peace about it.

Sounds like a plan!


4 thoughts on “Getting my Chores Done (or Not…)

  1. You might try getting a small gong as well. When you get the urge to clean or dust or fold or vacuum just ring the gong. Just once to remind yourself of inner peace. Then get up from the couch, drive to Home Depot and hire an ilegal alien for $20 to to all that cleaning for you. For every chore they complete…. you ring the gong.

  2. Wise words – after all, who of your beloved family and friends notice or care about what your house looks like – they’re there to be with YOU, not your carpets… 🙂

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