I Got an Ouchie

While opening a can of tuna for lunch, I cut my hand on the lid. Only about 3/4 of an inch long, but very deep, the darn thing didn’t want to stop bleeding. I had to wake my son to help bandage it, and it continued bleeding on and off all afternoon.  Poor me!

So I’m feeling wander-y and dissatisfied, all my plans for the day disrupted. I did get my new pots hung on the pot rack and the old ones packed away with Josh’s help, but I couldn’t garden, nor knit, nor do dishes. Every time I attempted some task, the blasted cut reopened and bled. Even now, I’m only typing with a couple of fingers on the right hand. If I weren’t a lefty I’d be truly and seriously pissed!

All this leads me to ponder one of my biggest buttons — getting thwarted. You know, those little road  blocks life throws up like cuts, flat tires, stores out-of-stock, service windows closed, getting there just past closing…. life’s little gotchas — they drive me up the wall when larger adversities leave me serene and coping.

Give me a good, chunky problem to solve and I’m capable, patient and persistent. Thwart me and I can be hell on wheels. Even now, I’m fuming as my cut starts to leak blood and I realize I need to stop typing.

Egads, thwarted again!


2 thoughts on “I Got an Ouchie

  1. Yeah I hate those little bumps on the road of life. I had a huge bump when my car broke down. Notice these bumps in life happen when you really can’t afford to have the bump??? always at the wrong time..never when you’re actually prepared….

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