When Loves Collide…

formerly a skein of yarn

The Yarn

Knitting is a great passion of mine. I’ve been a knitter since I was about five, when Grandma Holster taught me the basics.

I have a wonderful and varied yarn stash. Lately I’ve been knitted with some lovely variegated merino wool and have created several felted tote and handbags.

Sometimes, though, love goes awry and the photo to the right shows a perfect example.

The Cat

The Cat

One of my other loves, Lady Grey, aka Little Miss, aka the demon-cat-from-hell, is also pictured here.

I leave it to your imagination to connect the dots…


3 thoughts on “When Loves Collide…

  1. Alas, a feeling I understand only too well. I crochet and have 3 cats AND a 3-year-old….

    I’ve spent more time detangling my yarn than crocheting recently.

    • If I ever counted up the hours spent detangling…. it might be too discouraging! I guess the cats AND the kids are worth it (though some days….)

      Thanks for writing,


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